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Naomi 10th May 2024 Activity Carer
I am new to the sight so was wondering can anyone recommend me any of the activities i can do with an elderly blind person with limited mobility and dementia too.
Thank you for any advice,
Susan 10th May 2024 Activity Director
Hi Naomi
The first thing that comes to mind is sensory activities
Of course not all of these activities are appropriate
Also, music activities are good
Specifically, What does this person like or liked to do
can you adapt any Activities used to like to now
Exercise is also good, but again you will have to adapt, depending on the mobility issues
Adelina 13th May 2024
Hi Naomi,

Have you considered using audio books/music?
How about using a dvd exercises...see if they are able to follow instructions with your help?
Take them for a w/c walk maybe ?
Tracy 13th May 2024 Activities Coordinator
Our blind resident loves music and attends all our singing performances and singing seems to settle her
Susan 16th May 2024 Activity Director
Hi Adelina and Tracy
Thank you, both for your valuable input
Naomi 28th May 2024 Activity Carer
Thank you all for the extra advice. Does any one have any links to songs with clapping like “if your happy and you know it clap your hands” that are not babyish i use some on my seniors but feel a bit bad thats its as they are for toddlers.
Thank you .

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