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Sonia 11th Jun 2024 Activities
Good Morning from very cold New Zealand haha
I am wanting to build a resource book for my assistants and care staff, found the arbor day trees fantastic to be able to print and laminate so looking for other things such as famous faces, which I did search but I need something large to print with info with it, so I can laminate and store in a folder. Anyone done similar? or know of some good activities on here, I am rather time poor at work and sick of using my personal printer and time haha - Hopefully this makes sense and Thanks so much!!!
Susan 11th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Sonia
It is nice to have a folder or file for the assistants
There are so many resources on golden carers it would be hard to put everything into a folder or laminate them. Lol.
So what kind of residents Does your facility have and what do you want your assessments to do?
Are the residents functioning?
Do the residents have any physical challenges?
Can the assistants use this site independently?
Things and needs change over time so you are always looking for different activities for them
I used plenty of my own resources and time
Put Some of the responsibilities on the assistants
Find out what they need and want
if you have any Specific questions, please let me know

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