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Hadassah 20th Jun 2024 Lifestyle Officer
Hi everyone! Does anyone have ideas around crafts for outdoor decorations? My workplace outdoors area has some garden and BBQ areas, which are nice but don't look inviting at all. It would be cool if we could turn some DIY craft activities into decorations. Any ideas for this?
Gigi 20th Jun 2024 recreation therapist
let residents paint their own rocks, Pinterest has tons of DIY flowers to make out of construction paper, tissue paper, putting them in painted pots or hanging from trees- group murals, putting tiny white lights in trees or on the ground with the painted rocks would look nice. Amazon has DIY birdhouses the residents could paint and hang
Susan 20th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Hadassah
I do like your name
Perhaps you could have a rock garden
You could make your own bed bath
Ever you have a fans perhaps you can decorate it
Trudy 22nd Jun 2024 Activities Director Consultant
Hey, how about having each resident do planting in pots from medium to large to sit along the outside, and schedule residents to water on watering day with a light weight hose while other have ice cream and popsicles, a great way to bring in the summer while watching what they plant grow. let me know if this works for you and how they enjoyed it.
Susan 23rd Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Trudy
Thanks for the suggestions
Shelley 26th Jun 2024 Activities
We took full size wooden pallets and painted them. One has a large sun burst coming from the corner and the rest of the pallet is blue. another one has a favorite quote that was painted on using stencils.

plant things with climbing vines, such as pumpkins or cucumbers and measure the growth, you can do the same with sunflowers.

plant things in something less conventional, such as succulents in a bird bath, tip a galvanized tub on its side so flowers look like they are spilling out.

make plant identifiers with beads and thicker bendable wire

I took old wooden spoons and wood burned funny different garden sayings on them.

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