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Hadassah 4th Jul 2024 Lifestyle Officer
I am currently updating our activities station. Its a small cupboard with drawers. I have labels for books, craft, card games, table games bingo, and puzzles. I am starting to add more content and swap out things. weekly to ensure the carers and myself always have something on hand. I have space on top of the cupboard and on a shelf for more things. What should the 6th category be, and what should I put on top that will be functional, but also look nice? Any ideas?
Susan 5th Jul 2024 Activity Director
Hi Hadassah
What comes to my mind is trivia
Or reminiscing
Or music

Or seasonal
activities which you could switch depending on the season and of course or holiday
Deb 15th Jul 2024 Activities Coordinator
Hello Hadassah,

I know for my residents I have quite a few who love coloring. Everything from the very detailed to basic color by number.

Susan 16th Jul 2024 Activity Director
Hi Deb
Thank you for your input

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