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Marie 15th Apr 2024 Manager

Daily Devotion

Thank you Stefanie for this. It is a great reminder that in our caring roles we should not only tend to the physical, mental and psychological, but also the spiritual; the whole person. Many of our clients are no longer able to attend places of worship, so bringing worship to them, through a time of devotion to God, is so very important and well appreciated.
Marie 26th Jul 2022 Manager

Tennis Players Who's Who?

Great activity. Is there an opportunity for players to solve it before it is revealed? Some players may actually guess the answer after a few numbers are turned over.
Marie 31st Aug 2017 Manager

How to Avoid Burnout

Oh my, I can sooo identify with this article! Although not an Activities Coordinator I manage staff, volunteers as well as dwindling financial resources and clients come to me for assistance with various support needs. I have identified for over two years that I've been 'running on empty', but with not enough support to make things better. Just knowing others are going through the same thing is helpful. In the next couple of weeks, for the first time, our centre will close for two weeks and this will give me an opportunity to try to re-charge the very depleted battery and have some 'ME time'.
To my fellow caring individuals, hang in there, we do a wonderful job.