The Great Zombie Hunt

The Great Zombie Hunt

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Susan 30th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the information Bill
I am sure it will be very helpful
Nick 29th Oct 2020 Group Manager - RAC & RV
Hi Guys
I copied the cards from a game that is now out of print called 'The Great Zombie Hunt'. Attached is a copy of my original file including the cards I copied to use.
Susan 29th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Bill
I hope you can share what you used for zombie cards
This would be a great help to many people
Thank you in advance
Karen 29th Oct 2020
I am also interested in what you used as zombie cards.
Activity 2nd Oct 2020 Activity Director
This sounds awesome!
I'm curious what you utilized for the zombie cards?
Did you just print off pictures, or a deck of actual zombie cards, etc?

Bill 15th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Lead
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