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Cindy 19th Nov 2019 Activities Director

Corn Husking Relay

We played the corn husking game, it did not go as I had hoped. 2 of my residents ate a cob of uncooked corn.
We moved on to another game. 1 knew exactly what she was doing.
Cindy 26th Apr 2019 Activities Director


How are others planning National Skilled Nursing week? What activities?
This is also the week we thank our employees for their work, what ideals can you give me? Thank you
Cindy 28th Oct 2018 Activities Director


Make morning announcements over PA system and times of activities. We also have a big calendar board in the main hallway with everyday activities for the month and their times.
Reminding them also at the end of morning activity, but announcing again 30 minutes prior to activity.