How to Increase Work Satisfaction through Goal Setting

How to Increase Work Satisfaction through Goal Setting

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Setting goals is a great way for Activity Coordinators to find direction within the workplace and improve communication with clients, staff and management.
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The arrival of a new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start. If you have set a few goals, you are in good company! It is estimated that roughly half the population in any given country make New Year’s Resolutions.

Setting goals is a great way for Activity Coordinators to find direction within the workplace and improve communication with clients, staff and management. Setting one work-related goal for the year ahead is a worthwhile practice that can bring wonderful rewards.

As well as emphasizing your resolve to provide the best of care to your clients, goal setting in the workplace keeps you focused and motivated to:

  • Improve areas where you sometimes feel overwhelmed at work.
  • Achieve tasks you think ‘you should be doing’ but for various reasons are not
  • Improve communication with your peers
  • Introduce exciting new activities to clients

How to come up with work-related Goals

Reflect upon and evaluate your current level of satisfaction at work. Think about what you would like to change, improve, broaden, introduce, or maintain.

Use the S.M.A.R.T. rule for goal setting:

  • Specific: write the outcome you wish for
  • Measurable: keep track of your progress
  • Achievable: your goal should be practical and doable
  • Relevant: is your goal relevant to you, your client & facility?
  • Time framed: setup a deadline but be flexible.

Areas to Focus on

  1. Increase community engagement
  2. Introduce new learning experiences to clients
  3. Increase One on One visits
  4. Improve communication with staff and peers
  5. Improve Volunteer recruitment and turnover
  6. Upskill through personal development/education (Palliative, Bereavement)

Tips for Writing Goals

Write down your Goal

Write (don’t type) one or two goals down in your diary. Make your goal statement positive; e.g. instead of writing ‘I will reduce volunteer turnover’, you could write ‘I will support and hold on to all volunteers’. Think of goals that will enhance the overall quality of the care you provide or alternatively, your personal development or other work-related area.

Describe why your goal is important to you

Briefly describe to yourself why this goal is important to you.
For instance, if your goal is:

‘I will introduce new learning experiences for my clients’,

your reasons could be, among others:
  • Learning experiences enhance social, mental and physical skills
  • Learning experiences can bring lots of fun and enjoyment to my clients
  • My job satisfaction will improve by providing my clients with new and interesting opportunities to learn

Write down your Plan of Action

Many people forget this step, focusing only on the outcome. The plan of action is a list of steps that contains separated tasks and dates to meet your goal. An example is provided below.

Plan of Action: New Learning Courses Starting in April

  • February - Management approval, budget, and other resources – a.s.a.p.
  • February - Seek feedback at the Residents’ Meeting to choose learning topics of interest
  • March - Appoint a staff member as a PR to advertise and enthuse clients
  • March - Delegate staff to be in charge of setting up, tidying up, assembling props, making refreshments, and any maintenance on relevant courses dates
  • March - Contact and hire professional teaching organisations or volunteers /facilitators (Internet, IPad and other media lessons can be taught by many people)
  • March - Set up dates, duration, props and other material needed
  • April - Courses to start in the first week of April

Remember that the plan of action needs to be visible; as its progress is ongoing.

Place it in a prominent place and review it weekly; tick the tasks done or change the tasks if needed.

Acknowledge your Achievements!

When you achieve a goal, give yourself a pat on the back and find a way to celebrate your achievement beyond the work satisfaction it has given you. You deserve it!

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Jacqui 1st Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist
enjoyed this made me think about what I want to achieve for this year and write a plan thanks
Talita 3rd Apr 2017
That's lovely to hear Jacqui, thanks for your feecback.
Lesley 31st Jan 2017 Recreation Therapist
Thank you for this. I will admit l have become stale and need to look for new ideas so thanks for the push.
Talita 6th Feb 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Lesley!
Dawn 24th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
Thank you
Talita 6th Feb 2017
thanks Dawn!
MaLourdes 18th Jan 2017 Student
Thanks for posting this. It is very helpful for me, the contents of goal setting are clear and it has the necessary step by step ways of helping one to be organized and achieve it.


Talita 18th Jan 2017
Thank you for your feedback Malourdes, much appreciated!
Sandy 17th Jan 2017 Recreation Therapist
Thank you this article was just what I needed to get me motivated.
Talita 18th Jan 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Sandy! Good Luck!
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