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Lesley 12th Feb 2019 Recreation Therapist

15 Ways to Practise Self Care and Avoid Burnout

Without Golden Carers to lean on l would have burnt out months ago.
I like to easy steps for preventing burnout and at the present l am making up a look after yourself sheet for families, caring for a loved one with dementia, so that will help me out there also.
Your site gives new ideas to old activities, and the quizzes for my group are wonderful. They fill in that time before lunch arrives and all the clients are worrying about is lunch. Thanks again to all who have part in the wonderful site of Golden Carers.
Lesley 2nd Oct 2018 Recreation Therapist

What a amazing poem Kerry you have captured it all.
Is it ok if l print it off and have for my group to read if they would like to. It is still so raw for so many of my clients it really must have been a terrible time. Many just sit and cry and that's ok, some will talk but not many.
Many thanks for the poem.
Lesley 18th Apr 2017 Recreation Therapist

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

Am dealing with some sundowners at the present so many thanks for your help. Have a trusty volunteer making some twiddlemuffs and sensory blankets.
This site certainly makes my life easier and when l am brain dead for new ideas can always find something here.
Lesley 31st Jan 2017 Recreation Therapist

How to Increase Work Satisfaction through Goal Setting

Thank you for this. I will admit l have become stale and need to look for new ideas so thanks for the push.
Lesley 30th Mar 2016 Recreation Therapist

Life Reflections Posters to Connect with New Arrivals

What a great idea. I work in a centre with clients before they get to the Nursing Homes and l think it would be a great idea to start now, whilst they can have all the input into what they want in their book or on their poster. Many thanks,
Lesley 26th May 2015 Recreation Therapist


Hi Kymberly,
We have a warm wax machine (you can only use the wax once so it does become expensive) do the wax then we gently massage their hands with almond or lavender oil.
If they suffer from arthritis in their hands the warm wax is great, you can also use warm water with Epsom salts in it and lavender oil, soak for 10 minutes then dry and massage. We also do nail therapy as in painting their nails, the clients/family bring in their own nail polish. Lesley