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Annie 10th Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist
To Maryann - I work as DT in a 42 bed mixed needs residential facility and have 31 hours allocated Monday to Friday for DT duties + admin duties + shopping etc - it\'s very hard. No weekend work allowed by management (no time left over anyway!). As far as I know, DTs do not attend to ADL duties unless you are rostered on duty as an AIN and have Cert. III Aged Care. It\'s ok to help out occasionally when needed but not as a rule as it takes away from DT time. Solange would be great to have section for DTs to upload their calendars or any paperwork so we get an idea of what is offered and how. I read of so many wonderful ideas but have no practical time to implement much unless I do more work from home so just keep to the bare minimum. Nice to read everyone\'s comments and feel part of a DT community. Annie

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