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Marcia 26th Feb 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there I am looking for a indoor bowling mat and bowls does anyone know where in Sydney/NSW I can purchase them from, having trouble sourcing - any contacts would be appreciated
chant 27th Feb 2017
You can buy from Spectrum Nasco Senior Activities... They are not juvenile, very much like the real thing!
Marcia 8th Mar 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you for that I'll look into it
Sheri 18th Mar 2017 PCAP/OTA
another idea is to approach bowling clubs or RSL type clubs as they may have some lying around not in use that they can donate. They often replace mats especially as they age
Marcia 25th Mar 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thanks for suggestions, we have ordered a mat and bowls from company in Victoria looking forward to getting it and adding to our lifestyle programme

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