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LIDIA 3rd Mar 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi guys, I am hoping for some ideas... in my nursing home we are starting an art group. Has anyone have any ideas... most of my residents are high care, they can't do anything too complicated. I appreciate any feed back. Thanks.
Lyn 15th Mar 2017 Life Style Coordinator
There are colouring books you can photocopy into A3 size and trace onto a. Canvas..
Lisa 16th Mar 2017 Activity Director
I found paintings on google that I could easily draw, such as birds and flowers and sketched it on to art paper and let the residents paint it. I printed off the picture on google and laid it beside their paper so they could see what to paint what color. Worked well even with lower functioning residents
Claire 17th Mar 2017 Activities Coordinator
How about active minds aqua draw cards. Pack of 5 for about £15. They're reusable and all you need is water and a paint brush.
Kerry 19th Mar 2017 Recreational Coordinater
"Hospital Art" is free in Australia they supply to all Nursing Homes, you can pick up canvas, easels, paints for no cost.
Get information off internet.
Residents feel so important painting on a canvas, sitting on a easel.

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