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Darlene 9th Mar 2017 Director
I am looking for an efficient and organized way to do shopping ( grocery, office supplies, etc) and inventory control at my facility. I am planning to address this issue with the cooking staff at our center next week. Any ideas or practical tips you can share to streamline the process would be most welcome.
Lyn 15th Mar 2017 Life Style Coordinator
We have the office girl get us everything we need from her sullied or order them for next month, when we cook relish I get the kitchen staff to order ingredients from their suppliers . If it's a jar of something they cannot get, I get that before work , with docket and produce it to the office staff for the boss to approve the items. It's good to work well with all staff.
Darlene 17th Mar 2017 Director
Thanks for the feedback Lyn. Sounds like you have a system that works well for you. I'll see how much the kitchen staff can order. Recently I've asked them to help ordering fresh/local produce from local farmers ( tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, plantains, yams, breadfruit). I gave them petty cash (US$50) and they order and pay for the produce and bring me the receipts. What I still need to streamline is a process for ordering larger bulk orders, as well as keeping track of inventory so we are not running out of things and rushing to the store last minute.

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