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Melanie 28th Mar 2017 Recreational Activities Officer
Can anyone tell me how they do an activity evaluation thanks so much mel
Brian 29th Mar 2017
Hi Mel I'm doing the same at the moment from scratch , big job! the form I'm using is our own don't know if its the same everywhere but here is the breakdown.
was the venue suitable
were there adequate resourses people and equipment
was the length of activity suitable to the residents abilities & needs
did the the residents enjoy the activity(rated 1-5 1 being most enjoyable)
could the activity be improved if so how
all yes or no with comments.
Is reviewed every 6 months but I think as with my care plan reviews just document they have been reviewed and no changes needed or record any changes.
hope this helps.
Melanie 29th Mar 2017
Thank you so much Brian this is a great help.

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