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Debbie 14th May 2011 activitiesco_ordinator
I agree with all the comments below NO 1 Our police is 5 to one ratio in the van and outings in the community. Need a volunteer for any wheelchairs and walkers as while your attending them your helper, volunteer etc can be looking after the other resis incase of wondering etc....It is just a shame in our facility I don't get any help and everything is done with the resis..morning tea and lunches etc are all on my own as for the caregivers helping with the resis to get to outings I have asked those that have been dressed and showered etc to then bring them down to activities..When they have finished morning tea or lunch bring them to where I am going to be whether it is for a trip lounge sunroom etc... I can tell you this but it is an on going battle there excuse is they have there own work to do.....and so on...I do morning teas for them from the resis and I do fundraising so they can have a really fun night out even to the extent of decorating tables with thankyou notes etc. Boss just makes the remark that your only there babysitter...I get quite offended by this as the care and resposibilty we have is so much more greater..For example RN has to ask me what is what with there health there dislikes what can they do etc...We have so much paper work that repeats itself and your forms are very simular to ours but our facility is double..I think the only people that understand what is going on in a dts life from day to day is all of us...I say I love my job but this sight has helped me with support and you don.t feel as if your working all on your on....Ps sorry for the gripe but I don't even have a place of my own to do my work...Question do others have a office or commputer or anything I have to do all my stuff like this at night.

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