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Tina 27th Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
Hi, I am looking for ideas for spiritual programs for the dementia residents I work with. I have been working with dementia residents for 10 months. So far I have done videos sing alongs reading scripture. We run our spiritual programs Sunday mornings. They are 30 to 45 minutes long. Any ideas would be appreciated. We do not have internet.
Maria 28th Sep 2017
One thing we do here that is non-denominational is a wishing/gratitude tree. We have a large tree branch that lives in our main activity room in a fancy pot, you could also draw a tree or use a real one.

We get participants to discuss what they are grateful for in their lives and then they write it or you help them write it on a slip of paper that will be tied onto the tree. This can be really helpful for people who are feeling down or negative about their current situation to help them think about the positives.

For the wishing tree we write one thing that they still want to accomplish in their lives. This can help them find a new sense of purpose and when possible we will try to help them accomplish this goal through future programs.

We leave the wishes/gratitudes on the tree for a few weeks and then collect them and add them to a book which the participants can look through.

We are doing one for thanksgiving next week (Canada) where the slips of paper are cut out to look like autumn leaves to be hung on the tree.
Renee 10th Oct 2017
Are you looking for something not religious?

We offer Hymn Sings which go over well for whatever functioning level.
We also have a service done by a pastor that includes music.
We offer a Bible Study for folks that have mild Dementia.

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