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sandra 7th Aug 2011 Activities officer
Hi I have organised our show week with Activities which include a Bar B Q that will be a Country theme staff will be encouraged to wear jeans and chequered shirts on the day we will also have Strawberry Ice Cream Cones for dessert on the day. Activities I have organised is a large clown head with the mouth cut out so the residents can try and throw the ball through the clowns mouth, also I have painted used cans and plan to use them as knock em downs on the day. With prizes awarded ofcourse maybe some home made sample bags!
Nancy 31st Jul 2018 Recreational Activity Officer
what exactly is jeans for Gene day? Is this just a way of celebrating women wearing jeans? Can i show different designs designs of jeans worn by ladies, maybe a fashion show of jeans?
can anyone share their views or comment on my idea if its okay to be implemented. This is my first time to do this theme for the residents . thanks a lot.
Molly 2nd Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Great ideas, Sandra! It sounds like fun will be had by all at your BBQ Western event!

Hey, Nancy, I think Jeans for Gene day is a creative play on the word and easier to make into an activity. The Jeans fashion show sounds like so much fun!
Amber 3rd Aug 2018 Activity Director
we hosted a Hee Haw show at our facility and it was a huge hit! We had some kids involved and lots of laughs were shared.
Fran 8th Aug 2018 Psychologist
We are hosting a Camping Evening! We have a musician who will play camp music around the "fire". We are going to tell scary stories and will have a skit. We have made a badge for the residents and they have a hat to wear. We have promised no sleeping in a tent or mosquitoes, tho we have mossie decorations. We are excited

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