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Laura 28th Jan 2018 Executive Director
Hi all looking for some ideas we have recently had a extremely young lady (58).. move into our nursing home with early onset dementia which has progressed very quickly.. she can no longer read or write. like to keep her busy around our large nursing home does anyone have any ideas to help me out...thank you in advance
Renee 30th Jan 2018
Find out from her family what she used to enjoy doing, what her job/career was, any hobbies. Having this information could help us to formulate some suggestions.
Without knowing that info, you could try music, nail care/beauty hour, simple baking, folding laundry.
Nikole 30th Jan 2018 Activities Director
If you can get a small laundry type basket and some different socks you can match the socks. I also have a small basket with nothing but hand towels in it. My residents will "help me fold laundry" for hours. She enjoys it and it makes her feel useful.
Nikole 30th Jan 2018 Activities Director
Try "housework": get a small basket and put different color socks in it. They can match the colors of socks to each other. I also have a basket with nothing but hand towels in it to be folded. It seems to help out with anxiety and makes the residents feel useful again. Hope this helps.
Laura 30th Jan 2018 Executive Director
Thank you for your help ladies
Ema 31st Jan 2018 Activities Coordinator
I have many people who are like this and in my experience dementia patients relate extremely well to primary colours, red yellow and blue. even though this lady cannot read or write she could engage in colouring. or if cannot hold a pen painting in a good start. The small blocks of childrens paints are the best and dont stain hands etc. Another idea would be changing a dolls clothes, here she is using coordination focus and dexterity.

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