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Amy 20th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
Hi, I am looking for ideas to help spark conversation over lunch time. We have tried reminiscence leaflets on the tables but this doesnt spark much conversation amongst residents. Would love some ideas, we are in a small residential home with around 70% with dementia. Many thanks!
Kim 21st Feb 2018 Programs Director
Maybe a single discussion question on a card or a getting to know you question they could ask the others at the table. There are a group of cards called "table talk" that have simple questions but ones that generate more than yes or no answers. Even the today in history papers that you can print from this website.
Renee 22nd Feb 2018
I use table tents that I change out every month. They are kind of like the things that a restaurant might put on a table that you can flip through. I will put fun facts, jokes, conversation starters, funny pictures, holidays/today in history. This can help!!!
Nikole 22nd Feb 2018 Activities Director
You may need to sit with your residents and start the conversation yourself with the hopes that they will get to know each other a little bit more each day, making conversation among them easier as time goes on. You can find out the backgrounds of your residents (i.e. Sates they were born in or jobs they have had) and try to match residents with common interests.

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