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Stacey 26th Feb 2018 NURSING ASSISTANT
Hi Everyone,

I am from Perth WA. I work in a hospital as a carer. Is anyone in the same situation as me? looking for activities for Dementia patients for 3-11pm. In a hospital setting their are restrictions. Anyone have any tips, thoughts or advice?

Many thanks

Sandy 26th Feb 2018 Activities Director
Pretty nails : paint nails
Sensory :sensoey smell program different snall candles like grapes ,coconut, strawberries.
Or play soft music
Photos: put together a photo album of family members.
Maude 1st Mar 2018 Leisure therapist
I am in the same situation as you.
We play badminton with a birthday balloune.
Play card games (Crazy 8 is an easy one)
Play board games
Singing and dancing (for those who can)
Painting nails, Curling hair
Bucket ball toss game
Target toss (with mat on the floor)
Crafting necklaces and bracelet with beads.

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