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Lorraine 4th Nov 2011 Activity Coordinator
Jenny sorry to hear you have also been through a simualar position. I left my last job for pretty much the same reason. The managers had all three lifestyle staff in tears. which is not fare. We were always told that we are the worst lifestyle team ever at that place by the DON and when we put a suggestion in about out breaks as they didn't corrispond with residents program times we were also told they were sick of it then the management set times and we had no say in it. There budget is rubbish at $75 per month for 61 residents. The management also got one of my assistant in tears which normally she would stand up for her self well. The union were involved and always informed. WE had to keep our own diary. I am working at a new job now and its wonderful. Good luck hope you have a new job. BULLYING IS AN OFFENCE FROM EMPLOYERS and can be reported and if found guilty they can get up to ten years in prison. Union informed us on this. All the best.

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