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Kaylene 28th May 2018 Dementia Advisor
Can anyone help me with suggestions for apps for iPad / tablet suitable for people with dementia living at home who enjoy an independent activity?

Thanks, Kaylene
Morgan 30th May 2018 Activity Director
If they like puzzles, JigZone is a really great app for puzzles. Another great one if they like taking care of things is TinyZoo. TinyZoo is where they build their own mini zoo and feed the animals and take care of their mini zoo. It is an app for a more higher functioning person though. Another good one that I like if they are really low functioning is BabyBubbles. In that one literally colored bubbles float on the screen and you just tap them to make them pop. If you turn the sound on it plays lullabys and baby laughs. I am in the USA, not sure how apps go from country to country if you are not in the USA. Hope this helps!
Karen 30th May 2018 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Hello Kaylene, could I suggest going on your apps store, and getting things like animated word and number games. Maybe a bit like scrabble but easier. That is such a good idea doing it on an I pad rather than on pen and paper because it's animated and it gets them interested and will make them smile. Some old people tend to like things a bit cartoony and they perhaps might not be familiar with I pad games which I think is great to introduce it to them. Like I said your I pad store should introduce free word games for school age so I guess you could start off with that and see how it goes. Good luck with that! I think I will use your idea as well, thanks a lot!

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