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Katya 26th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinater
Hi! Everyone. I have a resident that is really interested in science when she was at school so I am looking for some ideas so that I create some activities for her.
Katya 28th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinater
I found a scientific activity for a resident that used to enjoy science at school.

All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, a toilet roll inner, a phone and a coin plus 5 participants.

The object is to test if everyone is either predominantly left or right.
The names of the participants is written down one side of the paper and across the top hand, eye, foot and ear are written.

The first person is handed a pen and they have to write their name on the paper and then the person conducting the experiment writes left or right for hand.

The same participant is handed the toilet roll inner and the person conducting the experiment marks down what ear they put it to.

The same participant has to stand on the coin and it is marked down what foot they use to stand on it.

The same participant is handed a phone and then it is marked down what ear they used to listen.

Karen 28th Jun 2018 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
I have found some great science apps on my I-pad through the I-tunes store, when I was shopping for myself one Christmas. They are interactive quizzes and are on all different levels. Do you have an I-pad? It seems a better suggestion than buying one of the science kits they used to have and doing experiments, that could get a little messy!
Katya 29th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinater
Thanks for your help Karen. I have a tablet that I use for work so I will look up things on that. You are definitely right about things getting messy and saves carrying things around too.
Michael 1st Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Katya,
Being a memory of school and a classroom thing you could open yourself to so many ideas. Science is very huge, you could do space related activities such as looking into space at night, watching space related videos, or even being creative with planets such as make a planet of your desired choices. You could also get various liquards around the facility and mix them together. Or even creating a class room setting where pop quizzes are given. provide many documentaries in which other residents can join and have a group chat about. Everything around us is science, can even do an outdoor/indoor science excursion for the resident to discover new things.
April 4th Jul 2018 Act. coordinator
Have you tried any of the "Science for Seniors" activities? You could look at the website and review the list of themes/topics and adapt your own science activities. The founder of the program's site is
I am not affiliated at all. I thought it might help though. I am all about adapting my own activities using ideas and samples because a big budget is rare in this field. Hope it helps some!
Katya 4th Jul 2018 Activities Coordinater
Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I will certainly look at the website April as that sounds pretty good. Great ideas there Michael but I don't work in the evenings so looking at the sky at night isn't really something that I can do right now.

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