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Melinda 24th Jul 2018
Does anyone have ideas of group activities that would include residents that are blind. I find myself struggling in this area, please help!.
Molly 25th Jul 2018
Hi Melinda, Sing-a-long groups or trivia groups could be a good option. Exercise groups could work too as long as the instructor know that they need to be descriptive. Even cooking groups as long as you are able to assist in the adaptations - like assisting in stirring by placing the bowl and spoon in their hands.

Here is a great article with 20 activities for the visually impaired
Melinda 26th Jul 2018
Thanks Molly this was very helpful!☺
JoAnn 31st Jul 2018
I have just found a group called Cycling Without Age. It has been very good for blind residents in the homes I understand. It is good for everyone! Google it and see what you think. You would have to purchase the "trike" with fund raising or corporate donations, but they are a great addition to any home.
Gauri 4th Aug 2018
Even it is good to ask or find out from residents that what are there intrests & hobbies which excited them earlier in life or even now. Whatever information you get you can find out activities basis on those information and modify it acording to persons needs.

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