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Caroline 26th Jul 2018 Activity Director
Hi! My name is Caroline. I am a Recreation Therapist in the USA. I have a particular resident who is new to our facility. She is becoming increasingly withdrawn and is having a difficult time adjusting to being in a nursing home. She has expressed an interest in finding a job or a new hobby to keep her busy. She is severely visually impaired and is concerned that this will impact her participation in something new. She is also aphasic and word finding is difficult for her. If anyone has any ideas on "jobs" around the facility or hobbies for visually impaired residents, I would be grateful! Thank you!
Molly 27th Jul 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Caroline, Could you try handing her a duster to "dust" of course not to actually make her dust but it may be a tool she recognizes or maybe a washcloth when she is standing near a counter? You can also check these great activity ideas for visually impaired

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