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Tracey 19th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
We are runnign a cruise ship scheme which is weekly, so we cover a country each week this can be quite hard trying to think of various things to do for different countries with lack of time. This week we are looking at argentina, any ideas? next week we will be covering Brazil.
all ideas welcome
Molly 20th Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
I loved Argentina and had the wonderful experience of visiting. Try "visiting" Boca where Tango was born. The streets of Boca are so colorful, and there are artists on every corner. The history of Tango is interesting, too! Also, Tigre is a beautiful town just outside of Buenos Aires that has markets and parks. In Buenos Aires, there is The Casa Rosada or the Pink House, which is their state building where the President lives. Some say it is pink because it was painted in blood! Mate is a type of herbal tea that you drink out of a particular cup - If you can find one - Mate might as well be the national drink because everyone drinks it and they even have vending machines for them. And, of course, Futbol!
Cheryl 21st Aug 2018 Administration
Hi Tracey, if you do Australia, you could try dot paintings - if you look these up as Australian indigenous art you should find lots of inspiration.

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