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Kathryn 19th Sep 2018 Activity Director

Thanksgiving Day
by St. Catherine’s Poetry Club

T is for turkey hot from the oven

H is for homes filled with much loving

A is for apples baked into pie

N is for neighbors and friends passing by

K is for kindness that many folks show

S is for smiles on faces that glow

G is for grateful and hearts that are full

I is for interesting things that we’ll do

V is for visits with family and friends

I is for inspiration that this season brings.

N is for our nation blessed from above.

G is for God who gives all with such love.
Molly 19th Sep 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Love this! Thanks for sharing, Kathryn. (Oh my, Thanksgiving really is right around the corner!)
Tracy 29th Oct 2019 Activities Cordinator
this is surely good and I will read it, my residents

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