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Jean 12th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator
I want to create a Pop up Cafe in a spare room in our care home. I would like to run with it for a week and invite visiting family and friends to use it when visiting. The idea is to make the residents feel as if they have had an outing, I would like it to be a real treat for them and the visitors. Any ideas hint or tips will be appreciated. Thanks, Jean
Molly 13th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
What fun! I've never heard of this before and just love the idea. Maybe discuss this with local businesses and restaurants? They can have a "pop-up" in your pop up cafe, and while maybe they could benefit from family members or staff paying for their goods see if you can't strike a deal for the residents? It engages the community and gives them a chance to do a "good" deed. Or even a pop-up child's play center and invite kids to play in your pop-up nursery for an intergenerational outing. Or have an indoor picnic with family members where you move all of the furniture out and put blankets all over the floor (and chairs) for them to sit on. I do hope you follow -up and tell us how this goes!
Jean 13th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator
Thanks for your input Molly, if this goes down well I may try a 'pop up bar' for Fathers Day too. will post feedback

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