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Jennifer 7th Feb 2019 Life Enrichment Director
Hi everyone! I am an activity director at a brand new community, as of now we only have 4 residents. All of them are very different and don't really like to engage with one another much. What activities should I have for them to do in the meantime? Should I allow them to continue doing their own thing?

Thanks in advance!
Molly 10th Feb 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Jennifer,

What an exciting opportunity for you to build a stellar activities program! It does sound like your residents are getting acquainted with their new living space maybe you could start incorporating socials like an afternoon tea/coffee, or a meet and greet party where you invite their family members to join. If that is too forward, maybe do an arts and crafts session that allows them to work on a piece to decorate their new room.

Here is a great article on social inclusion you may want to check out:
Cheryl 12th Feb 2019 Administration
Bingo allows them to all participate in the same activity without having to engage too much! We also play Uno for the same reason.

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