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Sara 26th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Hi there, I am looking for more physical activities to do with my residents. We have played balloon tennis, darts, all the bean bag toss games you can think of, we have a larger outdoor version home made kerplunk too, they love disc golf and ladder toss...any one have any other ideas I would be grateful for any suggestions to keep things different for them

many thanks
Susan 27th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Any of these ideas might work for you
This DVD may help you too
It’s at the bottom of this article the article may help you also
Sara 1st Oct 2019 Activity Director
yes thanks I've searched through all the activities listed on here...we do have an exercise routine every morning as well. I am looking for adapted sports that others have used and found successful.
Susan 3rd Oct 2019 Activity Director
Have you tried using a pool noodle cut in half play soccer or other games try these suggestions from Golden Carers
Here is another interesting baseball game using a pool noodle are use a large wide bat are use a beach ball if you need a really big ball
Sara 5th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Carol 9th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator
Our Day Centre purchased a Croquet Set and made some blocks with holes in them for the hoops to sit in and use the Croquet Set indoors on the carpet. One of our clients previously played croquet and has helped guide use with our own inhouse rules.
Susan 11th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your suggestion Carol
Owen 16th Oct 2019 Retired
Croquet sounds an interesting game to get our residents up and active so I am exploring making the hoop from your instructions and acquiring a club as well but need some guidance on how the game is played. We have a carpeted area to play it on and some Bocci balls to use but how is scoring made. I would like some guidance on the proceedure please.
Redwood at Tawa, NZ
Andrea 25th Nov 2019 AIN/Lifestyle therapist
We do a beer & bowling activity and it is very successful.
We have a bowling set up and use our dining room tables so they don't have to bend so much. We use 2 tables together and usually do out outside in our garden courtyard and there is a bit of dip which makes it easier to knock down the pins also. We have beers, shandies and nibbles served to make it more sociable. One of my residents helps set it up, runs the game and keeps score which he loves, very empowering for them.
Susan 25th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Good idea Andrea
Thank you for sharing
Carla 26th Nov 2019 Lead Activities Coordinator
We have set up a horse racing game... The course is made up on a long roll of white craft paper. I took in some toy horses, the residents throw the dice and we move the horses for them!
Susan 26th Nov 2019 Activity Director
What a great idea
We have done it on a smaller scale if you did not have the room
This works pretty well because it seems like the residents love horse racing

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