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Lisa 25th Sep 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi everyone I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me with, I have a resident who is not only aged and has a dementia diagnosis but she is also developmentally delayed. I need some activities to occupy her time it's like having a very large bored child, she is lovely but I am at a loss to keep her occupied I can't be one on one all the time. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
Lauretta 26th Sep 2012 Diversional Therapist
For Lisa have your tried setting her up with a singalong dvd with words on the screen? use a small portable dvd player. some sorting activities might work set her up with a volunteer? its a hard one! from Lauretta
Solange 30th Sep 2012
Hi, we have several dementia specific activities on the website for you to choose. Have you tried sorting colours or sorting shapes? For instance give the client a container full of clothes pegs in different colours and smaller empty containers. Demonstrate (do it with him/her) by placing all the blues in one container and all the reds in another container and so on.
Lisa 2nd Oct 2012
Hi everyone
Thank you Lauretta your suggestions give me hope that there is something we can do. To the others struggling with a name, on my office door are the words Diversional Therapist, on my badge are the words Activities officer but I am known as the Recreational Activity Officer or RAO talk about an identity crisis LOL. I have the diploma and am studying the bachelor I dont really think it matters what they call us as long as they respect us, and dont think we just "Play games" all day. Lisa

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