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Di 26th Oct 2012
Where I am working ( I am only new)I find that if I move my residents into an area for an activity suited to the alert/Interested even if only to observe ones at the time,I am finding that nursing staff will move one or two of the more of my already engaged Residents, to replace with another resident they have just brought into the Lounge area who is not capable of for example Bowling or Balloon tennis etc and is being further agitated by the action going on around them (our facility does not think we as Diversional Therapists are doing as important work as Nursing)We are to watch all Residents in the room while they go about other duties, which I can cope with but , I need to be able to conduct my planned Diversion as well how do I get respect without offending ??ps this is a Special needs unit. Diversional staff already there find this unit and staff the least co-operative
Lauretta 29th Oct 2012 Diversional Therapist
I really feel for you Di. Ask your manager if you can give an inhouse session to the care staff and explain that what you are trying to do with your residents and show them you make good use of the great resources from Golden carers. Involve staff in activities especially ones coming up like Melbourne cup. Dont get despondant we all have had similar issues!
Helen 30th Oct 2012
Di, I empathise with your frustration. You need to have your say at a staff meeting. Explain why specific activities are for specific people and if it's not in their care plan to attend those activities the nursing staff should not bring them in. Maybe you could do a list of activities with the residents names under the heading and put a copy in the care office.
Catherine 30th Oct 2012 Diversional Therapist
Di... I have found this to be an enduring problem wherever I have worked. Nursing staff have also told me how to do my job, which I find infuriating. They are I have found very 'territorial'.
We all have specific roles to play in the wellbeing of our residents, no one role is more important than the other. If more staff members were willing to work as a TEAM there would be less aggitation & better results all round!
Kerry 31st Oct 2012
How true are you Catherine, only once this happened to me and I told the nurse "she was so correct" and I was going to recommend to the D. O. C. for her to join the Activities Team, I was never bothered again! I did not see her for dust! Kerry Towler.
Di 31st Oct 2012
Thanks Catherine, Totally agree work as a team and respect each others role

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