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Vicky 30th Oct 2012 Hacc Coordinator/Recreational Therapist
I have just started a new job and have 2 residents in the home that are bed bound (one male, 93 and 1 female, 99) previously i have only worked with able bodied clients so i am struggling with ideas. neither of them talk/communicate (i have been told the male can but only says something now and again) and neither have much movement. at the moment they just sit in their beds with the tv on.
Any ideas?
Christine 31st Oct 2012
Hi vicky, for your bed-bond clients, if they can't talk, what about a photocopied laminated keyboard which they can spell words for you? Also try a tray of sand and put different objects in it for them to find. Music of their choice is always good. Vision Australia's audio books are also helpful.
Solange 31st Oct 2012
Hi Vicky, your clients may enjoy hand massage. Check our recipes for essential oil mixtures under 'Aroma Therapy' on the site. They may also enjoy listening to a poem or proverbs (or a Bible passage, if religious). Another thing is visual stimulation, hang interesting pictures and objects in their rooms for appreciation and change it periodically.Good luck!
Vicky 31st Oct 2012 Hacc Coordinator/Recreational Therapist
Thanks for your ideas Solange, il see how i go :) I am just struggling because i cant decide if they are enjoying my company or really wanting me to bugger off!! neither of them show emotion which i find difficult but i would love to make them happy as one gets no visitors whatsoever and the other gets her daughter visiting every so often.
Vicky 31st Oct 2012 Hacc Coordinator/Recreational Therapist
just seen your reply christine, thanks :)

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