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Susie 17th Nov 2012
Hello I do an early dementia cognitive group with Crossword and Quiz and I am always searching for word lists to use for group quizzes.

I start off with the white board and write up missing letter words for residents to study and then hang the butcher game.

I like to use the same list for the day with never too old to learn books and at present I use word search books for word lists but these are usually from overseas, so not always useful.

The list topics are Victorian towns, World cities, By the beach, In the office, Cars, food etc.

Printed lists which are specific to this use would be fantastic.

They only need to have about 12 words ranging up to 10 or 12 letters.

Cheers Susie K
talita 21st Nov 2012
Hi Susie,

Thanks for this idea, we are working on some word lists based on your suggestion. Will keep you posted.
talita 11th Dec 2012
Hi Susie, Thanks for the suggestion, we have added a new activity with word lists!

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