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karen 11th Dec 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi, i have worked in an aged care facility for 6 yrs as a pcw, 3 yrs ago i decided to change my profession it had taken this long for my place of employment to reconise my skills and employ me as a DT.

The problem is i still have people at work who still treat me as a pcw. Is it a normal occurance for DT's to have to stop an activity to take a resident to the toilet, most of residence in HC are 2 assist with a pixal, so by the time you find an avaiable staff member, assist resident and get back 30 mins of my time has been used.

What i am currently doing is letting staff know so that they can assist residents. I just need professional advice as to what is the norm for most DT working in Australia.

Thanks for listening
Carol 14th Dec 2012 Diversional Therepist
Hi Karen

I used to have the same difficulty with staff, my advice is that when you next have a DT meeting with your FM explain your concerns and ask for assistance and advice on how to deal with staff.

If I have a resident that needs assistance with the bathroom I ring the bell for the AIN and ask her to please assist, and carry on with my activity.

Hope this is a help, keep your chin up

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