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Heather 29th Jan 2013
Hi, just trying to get some information on Doll Therapy.. I have a few residents who love holding and talking to the dolls like they are there babies, I have no problems with this as I think is lovely but have trouble with staff taking them away from them constantly and upsetting the resident. So I thought if I could find information for staff on how to handle residents using doll therapy ie. the do's and dont it might make life less stressful for the resident and me.. I have full support of doll therapy from management.
Marcia 5th Feb 2013
Hi there, I had introduced dolly therapy for one of my residents at my last work, the staff and management were the problem, i spoke to each group at their staff meetings and gave them an outline and guidelines of how to make it work without being childish, it took a lot of work everyday, several times a day to reinforce to staff how beneficial it is. After consist work for a month staff used it part of their day with resident. A hint to all give them facts and written info, review weekly with management and document good and bad things that happen. I have some info about doll therapy if any one would like please email me at [email protected]
Heather 12th Feb 2013
Thanks Marcia, I did find some information and printed it out, left it on the nurses station and gave it to our physio aide who was very interested and now have her support, yes its a long road to get people to see the benefits rather than looking at it as being childish, I have spoken to the family and now with them on board it is slowly getting better. thanks for your help. I will email you to get some more information on this as very interested.

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