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Michelle 8th Apr 2013 recreational theraptist
One of our residents in the dementia wing continuously calls out help me, help me, help me,even when she doesnt need any help, then follows up by a very convincing 'i need to go to the toilet now, im going to pee myself'. She usually has just been on the toilet. With words and sums on paper, folding washing, reading the newspaper with her, word search etc., all divert her attention to calling out, but as soon as you leave her side she starts again. Is there anything else i can do that would reassure her and also let me spend more time with other residents as well.
Roslyn 8th Apr 2013
Would love to hear from you MIchelle if you get any answers for the comment re the resident calling out 1:1 they are fine but as you say as soon as you walk away they start again so any help appreciated
Lyn 19th Apr 2013 Carer
I know where I used to work and we had a lady just like this we got her a doll that looked and felt like a baby, it took her mind off thing and diverted her attention to the baby....

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