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sandra 18th Apr 2013 training diversional therapist
Hi everyone, iv got a question for u, I have been a D.T for 2 and a half years and have just this week changed jobs and I have gone from working in a rest home to working in a day care unit for the disabled, the house that I am working in is high care, soooo different from working with dementia, does anyone have any suggestions for activities, noting that a lot of these clients don't respond to a lot of the activities im used 2 doing, (HELP), And a lot of them don't respond at all xx
val 3rd May 2013 Lifestyle Wellbeing office
Try music and sing a longs, anything to do with music, although no bagpipes or to much plonky plonk piano music, very soft piano music is ok
Tanya 5th May 2013 RAO
Hi you could try play dough they like to roll it and just pull it apart you can get plastic cookie shapes. Blocks like Lego. Giant snakes and ladders they can roll the dice you would have to do the moving around. Musical instruments they can shake or tap on. Picture puzzles they can feel and put into certain holes. Colouring in just basic stencils. Singing old songs. Hope this helps. I've done the opposite gone from disability day centre to a high care nursing home.

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