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Heather 15th May 2013
I am the RAO for 40 High care residents with a range of cognitive and physical ability, I develop the program plus run the program as there is only me. If anyone does the same Id love to see how you set out your day to allow you to provide stimulating activities for all your residents as this area is very difficult. My hours of work are 8.30 to 4pm monday to friday. If you have a monthly calander that can be uploaded I would love to see how others do. Thanks Heather. p.s. I would put mine up but not sure how to do this.
Jackie 19th May 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
RE: Heather's post 15th May........A great idea Helen to swap Activity programs to gain ideas from others in High Care. I am also interested to see other monthly programs regarding this. if there is anyone willing to send through to my email I would appreciate this.....It's great to network !
Talita 27th May 2013
Thank you Sandra and Lorraine for submitting samples of your activity calendars. If anyone else has an activity calendar to share, please send it through to [email protected] and we will add it alongside the two we have received already for the benefit of everyone.

You can view the sample calendars here:

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