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Peter 22nd May 2013 Certified Alzheimers and Dementia Coach
Hi everyone. What a privilege to be part of this group! No, that isn't a suck up, I've been a RAO at a facility and I know just how difficult that job is. As a Part-timer, unfortunately, when nursing staff were on light-duties, I had no shifts. not sustainable. What to do? contacted Dr Lord at and trained as an Alzheimers and Dementia Coach. That's who I am and why I am here. I noted that you all are left to our own devices once you are in the job, and that's why I see this forum a HUGE plus. The more ideas that are contributed, the better the job can be done, but, most importantly, the more calm and peace we can bring to those living with Alzheimer's. Keep up your wonderful "Angel" work. I'm sure that those you care for would happily play "thank you angels" by the Real O'sheas to get their message across of how they feel about you in their lives. So apt for what we bring to their lives.
talita 24th May 2013
Thank you for your feedback Peter! We very much appreciate the community support and spirit.

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