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Jean 22nd Jun 2013 Recreational Activities Officer
Hi all, would like to initiate some activities that will encourage our residents ( high care dementia, high care and low care) to drink more to increase hydration. Would like to incorporate this in my activities if possible. Any ideas?? Wpould be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jean.
Lowana 2nd Jul 2013 Day Respite coordinator
Maybe a bit of a cocktail/mocktail party in the afternoon? use fancy glasses,straws ect :) and have a range of coloured drinks on hand. hope this helps
Diane 16th Nov 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
I have had a lot of success with music therapy. I give the residents a musical instrument to play, and we sing along, balloon hitting is another activity, I give them a fly swat and toss the balloon in their direction. Doll therapy is another success. Clothes folding.

Cheers Diane.

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