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Monique 5th Oct 2022 Recreational Therapy Coordinator
Does anyone have activity suggestions for an older adults that are Deaf-Blind and has dementia? The activities will be one-on-one in the home.

Thank you!
Kristin 14th Oct 2022 Personal Assistant
Hello! I'm sorta new here but found your post and it got me thinking ... hope this helps:

Guessing different smells - coffee- peppermint etc ..

Stacking with large “lego” bricks or other building blocks.
Playing with clay - play dough (rolling & cutting out shapes)
Pet the dog - or cat - use a large stuffed animal or one of those dementia pets.

Finger painting (might be crazy messy- but maybe with pudding? Just in case it is ingested).

Activity blankets - the kind with zippers & snaps and hooks to fiddle with.

Music with a good “beat” cd player on a table? I wonder if they can “hear” the vibrations thought a table? clap along with the songs - their favorite music?

There are a lot of good ideas in this list of comfort activities - hand/ arm massage sounds very nice and relaxing (maybe with a favorite scented lotion too).


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