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Chrissy 13th Nov 2023 Activity Coordinator
Hi, I"m brand new here and excited to be a part of Golden Carers. I"m really interested in doing scavenger hunts with my residence. I am preparing for March, yup always a couple of months ahead of current time. So i'm really interested in the St. Patricks Day scavenger hunt. But I have a couple of questions i'm hoping someone can offer suggestions on how they do scavenger hunts in their facility. So do I just put a picture of say the shamrock on the wall and the resident comes back to tell me they found the shamrock on the wall by the mailboxes. I would think they would bring something back to me? Like I print out 30 pictures of the shamrock and put in a little basket which they would bring back to me and do that for each item they are suppose to find? How do you guys do scavenger hunts in your facility? Any tips of things that work well or things that don't work are appreciated as well. Thanks so much, Chrissy

CGV 19th Dec 2023 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hello Chrissy,

I love your idea!
in our village care home, we combine Recreation and Rehab. At St Patrick's Day, and on Christmas Eve, I created something similar to your idea -
thanks for sharing!

We created and laminated 40 small Leprechauns, and then later, Elves. and place at various locations around our facility (open concept, not separate units). As the lead therapist, I ask the staff to get involved and pair up with a Resident for a half hour of fun. The team that collects the most leprechauns/elves wins a prize.
Photos are taken for our company newsletter.

We encourage using the physical abilities: the Residents who are able to walk using walker, able to ambulate, walk, and able to self propel use their wheelchairs. They are teamed-up with staff member(s) in the search.

It is a very successful activity and enjoyment for all, and gets the staff engaged in Recreation and Rehabilitation with our Residents.

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