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Kathryn 5th Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist
Good afternoon everyone. I received the call today that I am moving into an activities officer role and will start tomorrow! I am very new to the area so if anyone had any tips for the first day/week/month that would be immensely appreciated. This is such a great little site, I look forward to learning and hopefully sharing my experience as it comes. Thank you
michelle 6th Feb 2014 Div Therapy
Hi Kathryn,

Personally,spending the 1st week or so getting to know your residents is a great place to start, what they like/don't like, can/cannot do NOW. After familiarising yourself, everything usually falls into place,you will know what residents will or will not attend activity, their capabilities,etc and what can be done to facilitate those who prefer the solace of their room.

Most of all, be yourself and have fun :D
Best of luck,it really is THE best job!!!

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