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Kathryn 26th Mar 2014
Hello, I would like to implement a falls prevention activity into my weekly routine with the residents. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this area? Thank you
WENDY 29th Mar 2014
Hi Kathryn, Perhaps some strengthening exercises using Therabands for some resistance might help.
Clare 8th Apr 2014
Hi Kathryn, not sure what Sate you are in this link might be helpful

Queensland Stay On Your Feet®

Helping older Queenslanders stay healthy, active, independent and on their feet.

On the left hand side there is Information for professionals

Natasha 7th Jan 2015
This may be helpful: The Ontago Exercise Program.
Lauretta 8th Jan 2015
Check out this site. I did this program after a fall I had and it is really great. It was started at Prince of Wales Hospital OT and PHysio department and has spread to the whole country and also overseas
from Lauretta
Lucy 20th Jan 2015
Across our residential and community facilities we do an exercise program. This involves all residents and clients who wish to be involved. We sit for these exercises. We have pool noodles cut into 3 and use these for ballon tennis. You sit all in a large circle, give each a noodle and use a balloon. The larger balloons can be bought at the supermarket or at the newsagent. This activity is good to hand and eye cordination and creates lots of laughter. There is the occasional resident that thinks that the noodles are to hit staff or others. Just have to manage this. Using squeeze balls to do hand exercises. Great activity to get everybody involved.
jean 8th Mar 2015
We have a program on every thursday morning its called happy healthy active, we had a team of university students and there teacher come to our facility they were physio, and occupational therapist they set out a routine and now we conduct it . It involves things like , first a sit down warm up streaching everything including the fingers making a clothes line and some pegs get the residents to peg and unpeg, 2 chairs distant and doing a 1-1 figure 8 walf making sure they walk heal toe every step this helps greatly with there balance, I have a net they kick the ball into, we have a large parachute like material and 100 plastic balls we through them in to the air but importantly we make this fun so they dont treat it like exercise. Since starting this program our falls list has decreced and our manager is very pleased.....Jean

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