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Taryn 10th Apr 2014 Activities coordinator
Hi I work in community aged care and was wondering how everyone gets around copy right laws with playing dvds and documentaries etc?
Josephine 20th Apr 2014
Hi Taryn,

I usually go to YouTube. You can download free downloading software for YouTube. I have found that if the documentary or image or song is overwritten by copywrite laws you are unable to download.

I have put together a few sensory themed DVD's that come with beautiful music as both imagery and music is great for Dementia.

Natasha 7th Jan 2015 Occupational Therapist
Hi Josephine,

Which downloading software do you use?

Greatly appreciated,

Josephine 7th Jan 2015
Hi Natasha,

Just google Free Youtube Downloads and a few will come up, I went to
I am not a techno phobe however I was able to do this. If you go onto Youtube itself and type in how to download youtube videos, some very technical and smart people have made a video of how to do it. They can even show you how to just utilise the music only too. I am a visual sort of person and Youtube has become my new tutorial ! Good luck with it.

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