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Taryn 6th Jun 2014 Activities coordinator
What kind of activities would you suggest for a Men's group?
Rosina 9th Jul 2014 Client Liaison Manager
we have mens bbq each week also go to local hardware to purchase some items for the maintenance man, raking leaves, gardening dominoes watching football eating chips they like just being around other men you should have a male staff member do the sessions this works for us
Marissa 9th Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist
I too am trying to form a men's group. I have them going to a transport museum and to the pub for a game of pool.
Julie 16th Sep 2014
We started a mens only gym group and things went from there ,we now have men only bus outings military museums,prawn and beer picnics ,and planning fishing days for the summer.The men like to have there own meetings to discuss and organise there own outings and activities
Nusrat 16th Sep 2014 Lifestyle coordinator
I have just started Men's grooming activity which is working quite successfully. Simple grooming stuff like old style shaving cream, brush and razor, pair of scissors for tidying eyebrows, nice cologne, after shave and hair cream as Old Spice to use it as a sensory stimulation. If it helps you somehow I will be very happy.
Tanya 16th Sep 2014
I have a mens shed activity with Bunnings that come out ot do a workshop with the men once a month that is free of charge. Also i have a secret mens business activity twice a month where beer, wine, softdrinks and potato chips are provided. The men lead the conversation with football being the favourite topic.
Cathy 22nd Sep 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
I have had a car club and a seniors motorcycle club come and visit. The men get to have a look and a ride in some and lots of chatting to the owners and reminiscing. We have visited an airplane museum ( Parafield) and train museum (Port Adelaide) (I'm in SA) and a state football team headquaters (Crows Shed). I also tap into our resident families who have men that can come and demonstrate hobbies such as iron and woodwork. I have a volunteer that does woodwork with the men and they have made alot of items like toys, bread bins, bird houses etc. These they sell to raise funds to buy more wood and other equipment. We had one gentleman bring in his home movies of his sons motorbike speedway days. The men loved that!!! Hope this helps :)
Filidea 23rd Sep 2014
For those of you in Victoria here is a contact of a young lady who started her own Mobile Men's group. She realised there was a need for men's activities in aged care.
Her name is Erika Blackett from Forever Young mobile men’s group – 0423 434 444 .
We use her services twice a month and the residents look forward to her session.
Sharon 30th Sep 2014 RAO
Men are difficult to organise activities for, I work in High Care Dementia, and have found combined mens BBQ with the other two area's (low and nursing home), and have a guest speaker come and give a talk. We have purchased a small pool table and will be having men's pool comp's with male volunteers to help. I encourage our men to help in the garden, watering, picking up rubbish, sweeping. We bought a cheap putting green on ebay ($96 reduced to $26), got donations of putters and balls and this is successful with the men.
Filidea 2nd Oct 2014
Another great and cheap Idea to add to your men's group is to go to Bunnings and buy a $9.95 plastic (very sturdy and safe) hose reel that can be put together and pulled apart once finished.
This encourages group discussion between the group and a sense of purpose as i tell my Men in the group that i need a strong male to help me put it together and we need a new hose reel for the garden.
Lisa 3rd Oct 2014
Filidea what a fabulous idea Thankyou Lisa

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