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lynda 13th Jun 2014 carer
Love this site
I need help with a lady that will not shower.The lovely lady will just say, that she has shower today, and gets very upset, with me, that I maqy think that she is lying.Your ideas are most welcome.I'm thinking maybe a template that maybe she can see,that today is t shower day. If you know where I can fine one this may help.
Thank you
Janet 12th Jul 2014 Planned activity support worker
Try letting her smell baby powder apparently the smell of it makes them want to shower worth a try
tammie 16th Jul 2014 diversional therapist
Hi Lynda,

Placing some wall pictures in the bathroom may draw her to the bathroom, if she is interested in birds I'd place a variety of bird pictures in there. Also try covering the mirror, sometimes if the person has dementia they don't recognize themselves and this can confuse them more.

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