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Susan 17th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Can anyone explain how Footy Tipping works please
Jackie 24th Jun 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Susan
At the beginning of the season you will get the tipping sheet in your newspaper. I print out weekly each round for the residents to fill out. I get these back by Friday each week. On Tuesdays I will tally up the scores. I give 2 points for each win - I then add these up & place on the score sheet. Each week you add up the new score with last weeks score & it will keep going for 36 weeks. I haven't asked for any money, but some will ask for example $1 per round .....I hope that explains it !
Cathy 24th Jun 2014
Hi Susan
We run a footy tipping each year. It is $5 to enter. We print out booklets of all rounds for each person and keep them in a folder. Each week we go an get the tips from the residents or they bring them to us. We give 2 points for a win and if it is a tie 1 point. We have the footy tipping competitions charts in each area which we display the running tally. We don't tip the finals and we give prize money to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last. The prize money depend on the number of participants. We also include staff into our tipping competition. Hope this helps.

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