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Jo-Anne 5th Jan 2015 Diversal Therapist
Has anyone done a bucket list for their residents ,Im starting to do one for my work place have got a few ideas but need a few more.Any ideas would be helpful . Thanks.

Natasha 7th Jan 2015 Occupational Therapist
Hi Jo-Anne.
It sounds like a fantastic idea- perhaps a novel take on the leisure or interest checklist/profile. Perhaps for a group activity the residents could each create their own bucket list, with some magazines, brochures, etc. available for inspiration. As a group you could then share what items were on your bucket list; did residents have similar items, have some residents tried activities that may have been on other's bucket lists and how did they find that activity? You could end the activity by watching the movie 'The Bucket List'.

Hope this helps!

:) Natasha
Jo-Anne 7th Jan 2015 Diversal Therapist
Thank you that helps
Noreen 20th Jan 2015
Hi Jo-Anne, A few years ago I did a bucket list with our centre-based-day-care group. It was very interesting - there were no restrictions and after each had given their list we tried to achieve one of the achievable for each person- mainly in a group session. eg. Visit somewhere special we planned an outing to this situation and not only did the person enjoy their special outing they did it in the company of their friends. For one lady I applied for funding to achieve her special treat, she was short listed but unfortunately missed out on the funding.
It is great fun and interesting to listen to what some of our special friends would like to achieve in their life time. One 88yr old lady wanted to muster cattle in a helicopter!!
Good luck,
Samantha 23rd Jan 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jo-Anne
I have a similar thing happening at our facility. I call it The Wish List.
Residents are given an opportunity to write down a wish they would like to come true, something they would like to do for the first time or one last time. So far I have taken a lady swimming in the sea, another for a joyflight in a small aircraft, a small group out for a chinese meal, another lady out for line dancing lesson and the next on the wish list is 2 ladies off to the gold class cinema. The magic that happens when their wishes come true is amazing. As I have promoted this concept to throughout the facility, the wish list fund has been given money donations, so there is no cost to the residents, its a fabulous program.

Good Luck with your Bucket list


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